Sanma Red Cross reported Jade aged 7 and his sister Christella aged 6 were the two children who were unfortunate after their mother Veto was picking them up from school last Friday lunch and they were rushing home to Nasara Village at Area 2 in South Santo where they live, when the incident happen.

On their way, they had to cross the Navaka river which was already flowing at high speed due to the heavy rainfall caused by Tropical Cyclone Hola.

As they waded across the river the mother suddenly lost grip of her children’s hands and she realized if she try to go after them they would all drown.

She continued crossing the river and informed the people to help search for the 2 children.

Later that afternoon they found Christella at some distance down the river but she was already dead with damages on her head.

She had serious injuries on her head.

Further search was without success to find Jade and the time the police were informed it was already dark and too risky to engage a search party.

Jade is still missing and there is no hope of finding him alive.