Fest’Napuan 2015 marks 20th anniversary of festival and calls for climate change action while recovering from damage caused by Cyclone Pam.

Fest’Napuan ends its 20th annual festival last weekend with prints to its chapter another milestone achieved, from the powerful theme: “Fest’Napuan – 20 Anniveseri – Musik i faerap yet!” and translates roughly into English – “Fest’Napuan – 20th Anniversary – The music is still booming!”

It was chosen to reflect the resilience of the people of Vanuatu in the face of the recent category 5 tropical cyclone that devastated many islands of Vanuatu, and makes the statement that despite the physical and mental devastation the cyclone has caused, people are still getting along with their lives.

Fest’Napuan did end as scheduled, promoting and encouraging Ni-Vanuatu artists to entertain and inspire people with their strength and courage in the aftermath of disaster and also in honor of the 20th anniversary as well.

Director General of Meteorology and Climate Change, Mr. Jotham Napat did appear on stage to embrace the event and its cause.