2019 Luganville Municipal Election Official Results

The Minister of Internal Affairs Andrew Napuat has officially released the results for the Luganville Municipal Elections held on the 17th of September, 2019.

The election has seen 72 candidates contest 13 seats inside the Luganville Municipal Council.

The Official results released today has seen Leaders Party of Vanuatu winning 4 seats followed by the National United Party with 2 seats.

Reunification Movement for Change, Iauko Group, Vanuatu Liberal Movement, Union Of Moderate Party, Vanuaaku Party and an Independent candidate all came out with 1 seat each.

The names of the duly elected candidates for the General Seats and Reserved Seats are as follows.

From the Leaders Party Vanuatu, the 4 winning candidates are Fr. Mathias Tarileo (General Seat), Eric John Tahun (General Seat), Delphine Malmerer (Reserved Seat) and Awa Allan Bubley (General Seat).

National United Party has former mayor Onin Gaviga (General Seat) who has retained his seat and Jenny Toa (Reserved Seat) who has also retained her seat from the previous council.

Vanuaaku Pati has for the first time in many years secured a seat through Anna Catherrine Mermer (General Seat).

The other candidates are Serah Pikioune (Reserved Seat) from the Nagriamel Movement, John Boe Mavutu (General Seat) from the Union Of Moderate Party, Peter Patty (General Seat) from the Reunification Movement for Change, Anna Bulewark (Reserved Seat) from the Vanuatu Liberal Movement, Elizabeth Tura (Reserved Seat) from the Iauko Group and Independent Candidate Hilton Joshua Toares (General Seat).

The Independent Candidate Hilton Joshua Toares has already affiliated with Leaders party of Vanuatu.

The Negotiations between the Parties to form the next Council has already begun and will soon be announced.