3 confirmed dead on Ambae

The current volcano activity on Ambae has now claimed 3 lives.

The three victims are from the north, south, and east of the island.

YTS News has spoken to residents on South Ambae who confirmed that a resident of South Ambae collapsed and died after receiving news that they are to prepare for evacuation again.

The South Ambae resident who was already diagnosed with high blood pressure went into shock and unfortunately, family members could not take him to the hospital for treatment as he died soon after.

Another resident on the east of Ambae also went into shock which resulted in his death.

The man from east Ambae had a flourishing business on the island and was also the boarding master on the biggest school on Ambae.

On north Ambae, an elderly woman died for lack of water and the sudden change of diet.

Family members told YTS News that the north Ambae elderly resident was having difficulties eating rice as all the gardens are destroyed. As all the water sources were contaminated, the elderly residents were greatly affected.

The lack of vegetables especially cabbage is becoming a major issue with the elderly residents as well.

Family members say she has not been eating well and besides the shock, the lack of water available contributed to her death.