3 People Died and 2 Injured After An Attack by Rebels in West Papua

Papuaunik, – Three people were reportedly shot and stabbed to death, while two others were injured after being attacked by an armed criminal group (KKB) in Pingki Village, Seradala District in the Yahukimo Regency of Papua, on Thursday (24/06) at around 15:00. WIT.

Yahukimo Police Chief AKBP Deni Herdiana, who was contacted by the media on Thursday night, said the victims were construction workers belonging to local residents.

The three victims who died were named Suardi, Sudarto, and Idin. While the two injured and broken hands named Opa and Obaja.

“Until now the five victims are still at the location. We continue to communicate with a resident whose cell phone happens to pick up a signal, so our communication is rather smooth through the WA application,” he said.

The former Mamberamo Tengah Police Chief explained that the two survivors of this incident initially pretended to be dead during the incident.

“So, when the perpetrators left the location, these two people began to move to seek protection. Both suffered broken arms and gunshot wounds to their left thighs. Luckily both of them survived,” he said.

AKBP Deni claims that the general situation in Yahukimo is relatively conducive. 

Source: Papua Unik