3 Police Injured in Luganville

A Police Officer by the name of Steven Jeffta has told YTS News that three Police Officer were assaulted on the 21st of August 2015, at the FM107 at around 1.30pm

Mr. Jeffta says Planet 107 was ordered to stop operating because it odes not have a license as of the 21st of August however the club still operating..

Mr. Jeffta says “Luganville does have a reputation and drunks do have a known attitude around town and we now have 3 officers injured”

The Police Officer continued that “we did talk to Mr. natonga about security issues and now three officers are injured because of his own interest”

“I want to place emphasis on the Police Officers in Luganville. There are issues to address but if we do not control the situation quickly, someone will die at the FM107.”

“I have been working in Luganville for twelve years and do know a thing or two about this place”

“We need to act before something else happens”.