A 37th Independence Celebrations that failed to impress

My humble opinion on the 37th Independence Celebrations!

The Independence Celebrations committee in the Capital City Port Vila have come under heavy criticism after thousands waited till 10pm at the Independence Park to watch the Fireworks.

As the religious activities continued into the night, thousands moved around the Park waiting for the highly anticipated fireworks display that the Independence committee had in the program and also announced during the day as an event to happen in the evening.

Whilst the Authorities were enjoying themselves at the Independence Ball at the Convention Center, people waited and waited for an announced activity which is now understood to have been placed in the program just to attract people but was never part of the program and was never going to happen.

The turnout for the Flag Raising ceremony this year was perfect with people coming in from all over Efate to attend the Flag raising.

The perfect day was let down by the biggest flop of the day, the sound system which seemed to compete with the voice of thousands. Having thousands and yet using the popular Vanuatu phrase ‘tin biscuit’ for sound on a day like this does say a lot about the organizers.

And then of course there is the lolly drop. After 37 years, the committee still continues to feed children lolly’s and yet we see and hear our leaders on social media fighting against NCD. What a bloody joke.

Expecting to receive thousands and and not budgeting to feed thousands seems lame but as it is the PVMC organizing the event, it will be very easy next year for them to ask the Statistics Office some data on population growth so they can really see how many people they expect to feed or maybe the Celebrations Committee should just stop trying to feed people because they do not have the budget, nor the resources, nor man power to feed thousands and we know only Jesus makes miracles and not PVMC.

The food stalls need to be replaced with display stalls that are organized and run maybe by the Vanuatu Cultural Center, the Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs, and other Government Institutions that can provide displays on Vanuatu history and help educate the many thousands. These display should be a walk through type exhibition where you see your history and learn to always respect the 30th of July as a landmark not only for the country but for all the citizens.

Independence Day should be a time to reflect back on our history, share and provide the people small historic facts about where we have come and what were our struggles and the experiences and PVMC has very successfully turned the day into one of the best Flea Markets ever in Port Vila.

Spending Public money on such events should be worthwhile and whilst the Kitchen at the Independence Ball is cooking up a storm, thousands of residents waited and walked the cold night waiting for a lie and and just because everything was not disappointing enough, the Police stopped the Celebrations because it has gone past the curfew. Yes, the Government placed an order but maybe forgot that they have instructed the Vanuatu Police Force to be very strict on this.

We are a simple people, always proud to be called Vanuatu and yet when we come to the Independence Park, there are no toilets, no water facilities, and every time we come to this event, we always go hungry because the speeches are quite long and sound like we are looking at bill presentation inside a Parliament session.

A few reminders, next time don’t buy lolly’s, buy small flags so the children can wave it around and can become patriotic and please stop with the bloody one minute silence bullshit and build a memorial so everyone can pay respect to our ancestors who fought for us to be free.

This opinion is harsh and yes it is meant to be harsh. Last but not least, let us not forget to remind the Government, that if they want to do something for the people do it right or don’t do it at all.

And yes we are the ones you will be introducing your income tax to and we will support you but get your act together and accept this as positive criticism.