4 Reasons Why You Must Watch the Korean Drama Jirisan

A Korean drama Jirisan will soon be presented this weekend around Asia.

The drama is said to be popular because of its interesting synopsis of the story.

Not only because it has a row of Korean top actors stars who starred in the drama, but here are 4 reasons you must watch it.

1. Story

This drama tells the story of the guards in the Gunung Jiri national park. These guards finally uncover the truth behind the mysterious accident on the mountain. They must save the victim within 30 hours.

It was at those moments that they found strange things about Mount Jiri. Jirisan’s has an interesting story and is full of questions that will make you more curious.

2. Actors

Jirisan is a drama with lots of big stars. The main character is Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun and actor Ju Ji Hoon.

Apart from the two, there are other top actors like Sung Dong Il, Oh Jung Se, and Cho Han Chul also Jun Suk Ho, Go Min Si, and a senior actress, Kim Young Ok.

3. Soundtrack

Jirisan soundtrack is filled with famous musicians. Starting from SNSD’s Taeyon, Kim Jong Wan, Gaho, Jin BTS.

4. Director and Writer

Jirisan is the work of great people and is directed by Lee Eun Bok. A director who has produced great movies such as Descendants of the Sun, Goblin, Mr. Sunshine, and Sweet Home.

Jirisan was also written by a famous Korean screenwriter Kim Eun Hee

The drama is out this weekend October 23, 2023, around Asia.

Source: Kompas.com