As banners are being distributed around Vanuatu and preparations by local Governments and the national government are heading to top gear, the National Coordinator, Fred Samuel, is satisfied so far with current stages.

Mr Samuel has also introduced the National Sub Committee over looking exhibitions during this period.

Below are the names and listed events they are responsible for. The sub committee is headed by Cyril Ala, DG for Internal Affairs.

Sub-Committee members for the 40th Independence Anniversary 2020.

  • Cheryl Ala – Chairlady
  • Leith Veremaito – Deputy Chairman, Team Leader Provincial and Area Council celebrations
  • Antoine Ravo – Team Leader, Agriculture Show
  • Jimmy Rantes – Team Leader, Trade exhibition
  • Henry Tavoa – Team Leader Sports
  • Wilfred Koran – Team Leader Victory Parade (7400027)
  • Samuel Katipa – Team Leader Children’s Day
  • Joshua Bong – Team Leader, Flag Raising Ceremony
  • Ridley Joseph – Team Leader Entertainment
  • Evelyn Bulegih – Team Leader Cultural Exhibition
  • Adela Issachar – Team Leader, Tourism Exhibition
  • Makin Valia – Team Leader Parliament Exhibition
  • Samson Miller – Team Leader Security Operations

The public is asked to contact the team leaders directly if they have questions on any matter related to the exhibitions.

And lastly don’t forget to hashtag #Yumi40 on social post.