5 Reasons Why You Are Better Off Streaming the RWC 2019

The rugby world cup has kicked off again – and we can say it is nothing short of interesting so far. YTS was provided some advice by Tech Warn as to why they think you are a better off streaming the RWC 2019.

Some interested viewers are still at a point of deciding whether they will be better off with streaming rugby world cup 2019 or catching it on cable instead. If you happen to fall into this category, here are some tips to convince you on which is the best choice for you.

TL; DR – Streaming edges out watching the content on TV in more ways than one.

1 Bypass Broadcasting Rights

Many of the sports content being distributed on TV is usually limited to a certain region – which is usually where the TV broadcasters can reach with their networks. This means markets, where they cannot reach, will be left without the said games, even if the subscribers there were paying the premium price for their cable.

With streaming, you don’t have to worry about the distance anymore. As long as you have an internet connection, as well as an internet-enabled device, you are good to go.

2 Watch from Anywhere

You cannot always be sure that you would be at home when the games are being played. It might be a late day at work or spending so much time in transit, but there are always those times when you will wish you had a portable TV.

The thing is, you do have such a portable TV.

Since your mobile devices are always with you, you can always rest assured that you have all the screens you need in your pocket. As soon as the games go live, you just have to connect to your preferred streaming platform and catch the game on the go.

3 Cost

Perhaps, the biggest win for us when it comes to streaming rugby games is the cost.

In the US, for example, you only get the games officially on TV via the NBC networks. That means you will have to pay a premium price for cable – and you will even end up paying for a bundle of channels you don’t watch just because you need the sports content.

The same is not true for streaming. With services as low as $25 (more on that below) offering you even more value than what you get on TV, you get massive savings.

4 360-Degree experience

Live streaming is different from TV episodes of the same game in that they are not pre-recorded. This ensures you get every bit of the action as it happens live, missing not even the parts which would have been considered least important for TV.

Some may argue that this takes more of the viewer’s time, but we believe that the entertainment experience is not complete if you would not be getting access to the full package too.

5 Dynamism of Devices

We mentioned above that you can always access the live streams on your phone/ tablet/ laptop at any time. While this is an ideal situation for when you are on the go, you might desire the large screen experience when watching alone or with friends and family at home.

Fortunately, streaming takes care of this too.

Going with some streaming options like PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, and the likes, you also get to broadcast your streams to a larger screen.

Lest we forget, the image and audio quality are top-notch, so you won’t even be missing traditional TV one bit.

Preferred Streaming Platforms

There are a host of websites and platforms out there that will promise you all the RWC 2019 games for free. Before you sign up to them, you should check to see if they are obtaining the streams legally or not.

That might not be your first thought when you consider the fact that they are offering these streams for free. But then, we want you to consider the fact that:

  • They are obtaining the streams illegally, which means you are doing the same thing too.
  • Besides the illegality of the situation, streams from these unauthorized websites will leave a poor taste in your mouth. From incessant lags in a broadcast to poor video or audio quality, not to mention the ads, you have a high chance of getting a frustrating experience.
  • No legit company will want to associate with these websites and platforms. It needs no telling that you are at risk of different scams should you click on the ads that show up when you are streaming
  • The websites themselves could be tracking your internet traffic and stealing your data when you are busy streaming.

That is why we recommend using the proper, sanctioned channels. The good news is that they all come with free trial periods – and you can combine all of these to get all the games for free:

  • ITV – offers ALL the games for free to those streaming from the UK
  • SlingTV – offers a 7-day free trial (costs $25/month afterward)
  • YouTube TV – comes with a massive 14-day free trial period (costs $40/ month afterwards)
  • PlayStation Vue – also brings a free 7-day trial period to the table. (Goes for $45/ month when free trial lapses)

The last three options will be for those in the US and surrounding markets, from which they can access the NBC networks on any of their devices. For those outside both the US and UK markets, we recommend:

  • Downloading a VPN
  • Connecting to either the US or UK server location
  • Signing up to a preferred streaming platform
  • Signing in at the time of the games.
  • Enjoying all the games live