7 Vanuatu Students safe in Tonga

Lesieli Naulangi Joseph has been looking after 7 Vanuatu Students at her home for some time and now is stuck here in Vanuatu and not able to return because of the restrictions set by authorities because of COVID-19.

However, she has told YTS News the 7 Vanuatu Students are safe in her home and all necessary measures to keep them safe during the COVID-19 crisis are taken care of.

Mrs Joseph is a Vanuatu resident of Tongan descent and has also been involved a lot with the Handicraft business here in Vanuatu and Tonga.

Without Government support, Mrs Joseph has been hosting the 7 students at her home where they reside to attend school and also learn about Tongan Culture.

The 7 Vanuatu students are furthering their education in Agriculture and Business and are looked after by Mrs Jospeh on a voluntary basis.

The strong-hearted woman also runs community projects in Vanuatu and supports community developments.

Mrs Joseph wants the parents of the 7 students to be assured that they are safe and that they are well looked after.

YTS will run a separate article about the Tongan Further Education Program initiated by Mrs Joseph how your children can be a part of that program as soon as the COVID-19 crisis stops.