77 telecom fraudsters brought back to China from Fiji

A total of 77 fraudsters in a cross-border telecom scam were brought back to Changchun City in northeast China’s Jilin Province from Fiji by air Saturday morning.

Those were the second batch of fraudsters seized in the telecom scam case, and the first batch of 83 perpetrators were caught in June this year.

The fraud ring of nearly 200 people was strictly organized. They set up gaming websites to tempt people and then swindled their money through some technical means.

A victim surnamed Xu in Baishan City of Jilin Province jumped off a building and died after being defrauded 1.302 million yuan in September 2016.

Police in Jilin set up a special group and sent out more than 500 police officers to Jiangsu, Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi and other areas to investigate the ring on the basis of capital flows and data flows. Some police officers were also dispatched to Indonesia and Fiji to investigate the case.

A picture taken at Nadi International Airport.

“The police traveled to Fiji, Indonesia, and more than 140 counties, cities and districts in eight provinces of China to track down the fraudsters,” said Pei Kai, director with the Baishan Public Security Bureau.

After more than 10 months’ efforts, the principal offenders have all been rounded up with the support of foreign police, with 13 criminal dens in China and abroad destroyed, more than 20 vehicles, large number of computers, mobile phones, bank cards seized, and more than 60 million yuan involved frozen.

“Many criminals set their dens abroad to escape from being caught. They thought they could commit fraud unscrupulously abroad. So the Ministry of Public Security requires all public security organs across the country to take the initiative to crack down on the crimes. No matter how far those dens are, we will organize forces to punish those criminals severely,” said Chen Shiqu, deputy director with the Criminal Investigation Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security.

Source: cctvplus