9 Vanuatu RSE in accident, 4 treated for minor injuries in NZ

Nine (9) Vanuatu RSE workers, all males have been involved in yet another road accident.

Four (4) have been admitted to hospital for minor injuries and shock.

The Vine Power workers have been traveling home after work and after an attempt to over take another vehicle collided with another two other vehicles.

Workers in NZ have confirmed that Vanuatu drivers need to be more aware of road behaviors and traffic situations.

A RSE worker has told YTS News, that the roads from Seton (an area where most Vanuatu RSE work) to Blenheim  are very steep and drivers from Vanuatu must be aware of the dangers of driving on this roads at all time

The RSE worker also pointed out that the speed limits are a new thing to a lot of Vanuatu drivers and is a concern at the moment.

The STUFF website today reported that a minivan, ute and car crashed at the intersection of Alabama Rd and State Highway 1 about 5.30pm on Wednesday.

St John Ambulance Marlborough territory manager Murray Neal said two women and three men were taken to Wairau Hospital with minor injuries.

The crash could have been much worse considering the amount of people involved, he said.