MOLISINGI: time to set the record straight

The President of Athletic Vanuatu-AV, Mr. Jansen Molisingi has come out public for the first time over an illegal attempt to replace him as president elect of the Sports federation Athletics and has filed an urgent application with the Supreme Court –Civil case no 3598 no of 2017, to seek redress.

Molisingi has convey his congratulation to all athletes who participated at the 10th Pacific mini-games, stressing a” job well done” and that the success resulting in medals won was a testimony of commitment by both his executive, the Vanuatu government and families of those performing athletes.

“The government’s sports policy on linking up with China with the athletes attachment and training in China has paid off and has proven to have worked, and thank you to both governments and especially the Prime Minister.

However, he as stressed that better screening of Coaches and officials for future overseas attachment must be made, and revealed that AV has failed amid reports of alleged sexual harassment by one coach/official and other related reports such as physical harassment of athletes in another incident.

“AV, acting on the legal powers vested in my executive has taken the first step to suspend Luganville Athletics president on 21 November 2017 who is implicated in the alleged sexual incident pending further investigations.

“AV had acted upon a resolution by its executive to ensure AV and its Athletes are protected from future cases, and that athletics progress must come with clean sportsmanship”AV president stated.

“AV’s image must not be tarnished by irresponsible reps who are supposed to be ambassadors of Athletes while overseas”.

“A Disciplinary Committee was formed to inquire further into the alleged sexual harassment scandal in China but the committee’s work was interrupted by the illegal move to have my executive dismissed,”Mr Molisingi revealed.

Detailed evidences by the harassed victim (named withheld) has been forwarded to the appointed Disciplinary committee for further deliberations.

He indicated that his executive has remained silent over the issue to allow smooth administration of the athletics event during the successful games, but he indicated that “now is the exact time to set the record straight”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Molisingi has expressed frustration over the Oceania Athletics Association-OAA for not consulting with his executive but for illegally interfering in what Mr. Molisingi stressed is domestic matter of Vanuatu’s local federation.

“I am consulting with IAAF head office in Monaco to have the incumbent CEO to the OAA disciplined or be sacked,” Molisingi reiterated.

It is understood OAA CEO is also listed as a defendant in the Urgent Supreme Court application sought by Mr. Molisingi executive.

He has called on all fans and Athletes to remain calm and prepared for the upcoming Melanesian Athletics Championship and let his executive seek redress through the courts and ensure Athletics Vanuatu remains clean for future generations to come.