A Farmer’s Dissapointment

With a move to improve my cattle breed, in early December 2014 me and my son, took time and hired a taxi drove to VARTC and with their livestock officer, in our hired taxi drove around the centers farm observing and looking at newly born bulls which their father semen was imported from overseas.

Having decided on our pick we wrote a letter to the center on the 12 of December 2014 stating our pick of two bulls we wanted to buy for our breeding herds. Sometime in the course of time, making further inquiry about the bulls we chose for our breeding bulls, very disappointed when we heard that the VARTC livestock BAORD Policy does not sale young AI bulls to rural farmers but keep them at the station for breeding purposes. In that way more farmers will benefit though in our private view bull qualities then would not be the same.

As recent as 03 April 2016 news came from the centers livestock officer that the AI bull we wanted, stating clearly in our letter of 12 December 2014 has been sold to someone. Sorry to learned the livestock officer concerned doesn’t know who the farmer was, it could be a private farmer or someone official who is also involve in cattle farming in Santo. The above may be considered as a private matter but it’s happening in the office of services which are established to serve the interest of farmers and especially rural farmers and national cattle industries and therefore it is appropriate principally right in my view, to expose what is happening at the expense of farmers and the industry.

To conclude, it is sad for us farmers to suspect that maybe some individuals are making moves outside the official policies that regulate and govern their official responsibilities.

Thank you


Photo from www.vanuatubeef.com