A West Papua group raping girls, burning down schools and shooting teachers

JAKARTA – Member of a Commission I DPR Maj. Gen. TNI (ret.) TB Hasanuddin has asked the Police and Indonesian National Armed Forces to act decisively against the armed criminal group (KKB) in Papua because their actions are becoming irresponsible.

The West Papua group calling themselves KKB are going around in the hinterlands of Papua on the highlands raping girls, burning down schools and shooting teachers.

“I ask that the status of this armed group must be clear, if you are an OPM or KKB separatists, or if you know who is behind the OPM group, report them to the Indonesian National Armed Forces to resolve their issues. All KKB issues will be handled by the Police” said TB Hasanuddin last month to media.

According to Hasanuddin, the police as law enforcers have the right to solve the problem. “But don’t let it drag on, because if we do, they will create more problems” he continued.

KKB Shoots Dead Two Teachers in Beoga. Photo: realpapua.com

The government is assessing the situation with interest and clarity of their category and status. If they are a separatist group, the TNI will immediately intervene, but if they are breaking the law, they will be categorized as a group if criminal status and the Police must immediately resolve their crimes.

The TB has proposed a dialogue between the central government and leaders in Papua because they believe dialogue will resolve the problem for Papuans.

“The rebels have rejected several offers in the past for dialogue? Let’s just say that the dialogue between the central government and the regional government or between father and son is allowed in our democratic system and is within the framework of the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia,” said TB Hasanuddin.

Previously, the KKB rebel allegedly shot a civilian who was a high school student in the Uloni Village area of the Ilaga District in Puncak Regency of Papua last month on April 15.

They also shot dead a motorcycle taxi driver in Eromaga Village in the Omukia District last month on April 14 and KKB also carried out an act of arson and shootings in Julukoma Village which resulted in the death of two teachers.

A coffin with the body of Oktovianus Rayo, a schoolteacher who was shot by suspected armed rebels in Beoga district, arrives in Timika, in Indonesia’s Papua province, April 10, 2021.

Last month on April 8, they shot dead Oktovianus Rayo, a teacher at Dambet Elementary School on Beoga District in the Puncak Regency. Then in the afternoon the group returned and burnt down several classrooms. In the action, they also shot dead Yonatan Randen, a teacher at Beoga 1 Junior High School in the chest.

Boega local pastor Jupinus Wama enraged at KKB act of terror on their village and their daughters. Photo: VOI

A religious leader of Julukoma District in Puncak Regency, Pastor Jupinus Wama recently revealed facts about the rebel’s heinous act. Apart from burning schools and shootings, they also raped the village girls.

The information was disclosed by Pastor Jupinus Wama to the Indonesian National Armed Forces during an operation in the area.

“The people are angry, the land owners are angry, God is angry. We are all angry now. They like to destroy the schools, but we have daughters in schools and they are destroying their future,” Jupinus pouring out the village pain.

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