Alfa Fishing a Vanuatu-based company wins Stanford Award

Fish 2.0 business competition, held for the second time since 2013 at the campus of Stanford University in Carlifornia.

There were 170 companies that participated from around the world and among the winners is Alfa Fishing, a Port Vila, Vanuatu-based company run by CEO Alfred Kalonas who supplies fresh seafood to high-end restaurants and low-income residents in the South Pacific nation.

Six sustainable seafood startups — whose activities range from making skateboards out of old fishing nets to supply fresh fish to resorts in Vanuatu — won cash prizes at the 2015 Fish 2.0 competition.
The winning firms — prizes were given out in three categories to one company judged to have to the best market potential and one to have the biggest social or environmental impact — each received $5,000 in cash.

The winners were chosen out of 20 finalists, each of who gave a five-minute presentation before a panel of judges and participated in an eight-minute question-and-answer segment.

The event awards up to $30,000 in cash prizes to the top-scoring businesses among 37 finalists who seek to launch or expand ventures in the sustainable seafood sector. An additional $195,000 in service contracts will also be awarded.

Seventeen of the 37 finalists come from the US, six from Canada, four from Latin America, five from South Pacific, two from Europe and three from southeast Asia.