All Charges against Thornburgh & Jackson Dismissed

The Public Prosecutor has entered a Nolle Prosequi in the Supreme Court on 28 May 2020 in regards to Extortion charges against Lawyer Dane Thornburgh & Businesswoman Renee Jackson.

The entering of the Nolle has the effect of acquitting both Thornburgh and Jackson entirely of the one Count of Extortion that they were facing.

The long-running case was in relation to a complaint made against Thornburgh in 2017, who was acting Pro Bono as the Lawyer for a young nivan girl who was the victim of repeated sexual assault and prostitution upon her by a high profile businessman and the high profile businessman’s involvement with others in a prostitution ring involving many Vanuatu Identities to an alleged prostitution ring.

It can now be revealed that the complaint against Thornburgh was based on him holding the sexual offending businessman to account for his behaviour and suggesting to the offender that he confess to his actions with the young girl by way of a statement to the Court.

The offender’s complaint was that under his own volition he attended at Thornburgh’s office, where Thornburgh amongst other allegations, threatened to disclose the married businessman offenders conduct if he didn’t confess in a statement to his inappropriate actions re the young girl.

It is believed Jackson’s had taken the young girl into her home and provided her with food and shelter after the sexual abuse, while Thornburgh pursued the case against the businessman on the young girl’s behalf.

At the time Thornburgh Lawyers offered pro bono legal services to the various woman’s domestic violence shelters and victims of violence on an entirely free of charge service.

Both Jackson and Thornburgh have now been 100% vindicated and all charges dismissed.

It is expected that Thornburgh & Jackson will be commencing Civil proceedings against the Vanuatu Government and certain individuals involved in the now proved malicious prosecution of them both.

Thornburgh was asked for comment today and simply said. “Jackson did not deserve the last 2.5 years of Hell she was put through, she was just helping the young girl and I have nothing else to say apart from that I can sleep at night knowing all I did was my job in helping a victim of repeated sexual assault by a ring of the morally bankrupt businessman in a terrible situation as did Ms Jackson try and help.”