Alleged murderer still on the run

Sources close to Police in Luganville have confirmed that the suspect of the alleged killing of a young mother is still on the run.

Luganville Police are appealing to members of the public to provide any information of his whereabouts.

No one has been charged yet over the death of Jelinda, the mother of two that was found dead in a secluded area at Deproma, Santo.

Sources within Northern Police confirmed that the prime suspect is, Saeia, the partner of the deceased.

The suspect recently returned from apple picking in Australia.

Police said it is too early to confirm the cause behind the action that led to death, but reports alleged that the tragic incident may have been fuelled out from infidelity when the suspect was in Australia.

It was also alleged that the man returned and was driving a taxi earlier this week when they entered into an argument that forced the woman to leave and went drinking with some people not related to this case.

The suspect reportedly searched for her and pick her up at Banban at night and the body of the victim was found two days later (yesterday) at Deproma by the Chief of the area and he notified the police.

The suspect was last seen with the deceased at Banban on Tuesday night at around 8pm before the alleged murder.

Police is appealing to the people of the northern town to help to track down the suspect for the sake of justice for late Jelinda.

The body of late Jelinda is now lying at the morgue in Northern District Hospital awaiting autopsy.