Alliance in motion are available in Kenya, Philipines, Pakistan, Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, Ghana, Togo, Cameroon, Tokyo, UAE, Nigeria, Kuwait, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Hawaii, Papua New Guinea and now in Vanuatu.

Here we sourced an article reviewing with fact finding by Tony Omary. Slight editions to suit Vanuatu context and the experience of QNET.

Name: Alliance in Motion Global Inc
Website: Allianceinmotion.com
Owners: Dr.Eduardo Cabantog, Francis Miguel, John Asperin
Price: $265 + Other expenses
Category: Multilevel Marketing

What is Alliance In Motion Global Inc?

Alliance in motion claims to be the #1 MLM company and according to their website, they have been around since 2005.
They claim that it can turn an ordinary person into an extraordinary millionaire.

The global conversation

You’re a Hustler, Not a Real Entrepreneur

With MLM you don’t own a business and you have to be loyal to the company, in fact, they don’t allow you to promote any other product or conduct other businesses. You are a business partner in the sense that you will make money but you have no say in the company.

Where are you in the Game?

Multi Level Marketing is a pyramid scheme with products and the name MLM is used to mask the pyramid fact.

They will make you believe that making money online is very simple with little to no work. Ie refer only 5 people and quit your job.

It is structured that only those on the top of the pyramid make most of the money and you will also be depending on the efforts of the people that join under you to determine how much you’ll make.

Alliance in Motion Global Inc Pros Vs Cons


  • Good money if you are on top of the pyramid
  • The time in business is pretty long
  • Hustlers who can chase after family and friend make big money


  • You are late in the game
  • Not really global. Some countries cannot join
  • Primarily rely on recruitment to make money
  • Depend on your downlines to determine how much you make
  • You’ll have to buy the product otherwise, you won’t get compensated when you make a sale.
  • There is no business, if parent company closes everything will collapse.
  • Only one source of income, no where else you could make your own money.

The question Ni-Vanuatu should ask is what if the company closes? Another AFIC disaster?

Below is an active list of MLM businesses around the world, and also the defunct list of MLM companies that went bankrupt or closes down by FTC.

[rdp-wiki-embed url=’https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_multi-level_marketing_companies’]

Vemma Nutrition Company

Vemma Nutrition Company is a privately held multi-level marketing company that sells dietary supplements. The company was banned in 2016 by the FTC from engaging in deceptive practices related to ponzi schemes and multi-level marketing.

European Grouping of Marketing Professionals/CEDIPAC SA (dissolved 1995)

The GEPM, also called “the Business” by his followers, proposed a series of various daily life products, and seminars, rallies, travels, etc., and asked to recruit new members by canvassing, promising the wealth to the followers. The doctrine developed by Godzich mixed marketing techniques, biblical verses and esotericism. Several status could be reached by members, including ‘ambassador’, ‘excellency’ and ‘diamond’.

GEPM was in connexion with the First Assembly of God Church, deemed by them as a far-right evangelist church, directed in the U.S. by Godzich’s brother, and many distributors of the GEPM were baptized in this church.

WakeUpNow (dissolved 2015)

WakeUpNow sold products focused around the concept of health and financial management using a multi-level marketing model. Offered products included WUN Fit, Thunder (energy drink), WUN MD (telemedicine), Awaken drinks, WUN Finance (personal financial management), Taxbot (Tax software), WUN Protect (identity theft protection), and Vacation Club (travel discount program). Truth in Advertising’s review of the organization found that some of the products offered by joining its program are available for free or lower cost elsewhere on the Internet and that the organization as of September 2014 has had 160 complaints to the Federal Trade Commission. About 95% of distributors in WakeUpNow failed to make a profit in the program in 2013.

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (dissolved 2013)

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM) was a Lexington, Kentucky based company which used multi-level marketing to sell consumer goods and services. The company was founded in January 2001. In January 2013, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and regulators for three states shut down FHTM after 12 years for being a pyramid scheme.

Where is Qnet in 2018

QNET is also well known in Vanuatu and its influence could be trace back as far as around 2000 with the Bio Disc. Did any of the Vanuatu people become millionaire after 17 years? Where are they (QNET) now?

Below is an account of QNET in the following countries of Mali, Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia, Guinea, Turkey, Ivory Coast in 2018.

Impact of QNET


Following a violent protest of the population, 10 agents of QNET were arrested for fraud. Amadou Thiam Member of Parliament of Mali is believed to be the main instigator of large scale fraud network of QNET spreading first out of Bamako. Despite countless of victims among the poor there has been no reaction from the government about the scam where members are persuaded to pay a deposit fee of a sum of 400 to 6000,000 CFA in the form of registration, non-refundable and then who are asked to find at any cost another 4 people accepting to pay the same amount before claiming compensation. The Malian spiritual guide, Chérif Ousmane Madani Haïdara acknowledged using Qnet products around ten years ago but clearly stated that none of their products,a magnetic pot bought in France by an acquaintance for the purpose of medical treatment, have had the slightest effect on him. He denied his involvement or any form of support for Qnet activities.


Victims of alleged multi-level marketing fraud Qnet in Boyolali has not yet subsided. After going on in Simo, Banyudono, Mojosongo, Andong, and Ngemplak,it occurred in the Teras District.They claim to have spent money for the promise of work. However, after spending money they were abandoned. Teenagers were lured with offer of jobs by Qnet through brochure and online media. They used to brainwash them through seminars. These victims feel they are not cheated and are also bound by agreement.


On February 2018, in Chennai, the Settlement Commission headed by Justice S. Jagadeesan appealed to victims to file petitions for any claims from Questnet, multi level marketing firm whose property worth 192 crore had been attached. Economic Offences Wing of Nagpur police arrested five people representing the company Qnet for deceiving a number of investors promising to give them five crore in five years. The accused were produced before court which remanded them to police custody. Teams of Economic Offences Wing in Qnet fraud case amounting to 1.5 crore have raided offices in Mumbai and three cities in Vidharba.However the two masterminds are still at large. 12 cases have been registered against Qnet in Maharashtra. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra informed that 6 cases against Q-Net company were filed in the state and chargesheets against 30 accused were filed in Special MPID Court. Victims in Mumbai who lost money to the Qnet Scam formed an association registered with the charity commissioner to recover their money. Additional Commissioner of Police said that more than hundred complaints have been filed by victims in Karnataka against Qnet and Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt. Ltd. on allegations of fraud. Several alleged victims came together and held a protest at Freedom Park.Senior police officers confirmed the cases to be transferred to CID. Nine people were arrested by the city police in connection with financial fraud by Qnet. Bharatiya Janata Party accused Chief Minister of Karnataka of receiving costly Hublot watch for facilitating QI Group of companies, mainly QNET, headed by absconding industrialist Vijay Eswaran which allegedly defrauded several investors in a multi-level marketing scheme.


Four QNET leaders were prosecuted for fraud, forgery and cheating by 32 customers at a trial court in Labe Guinea. In another incident seven suspected scamsters belonging to Qnet were arrested and presented before public prosecutor for trial at Dixinn court. After their release by court,victims of Qnet were asked to report and register with the department of special services in the fight against drug and organized crime.

Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment,Saudi Arabia has alerted the public against pyramid marketing companies like Qnet that sell goods at high prices with illusion of profits from sales commission. 12 members of Qnet company were arrested during a raid in a coffee shop in coordination with the Ministry of Trade and Commerce and Criminal Investigation on charges of harming the interests of Saudi people.


Ministry of Economy and Finance of Ivory Coast have started investigations against network marketing companies like Qnet after being skeptical about their operations being based on the pyramid model. Five members of QNET network marketing company were arrested in San-Pédro, Ivory Coast by the anti-crime police. They were accused of extortion of money,lying about nature of activities and identity of their structure.

Ivory Coast

The Customs and Trade Ministry of Turkey after an audit had listed Qnet Promotional Marketing and Tourism Ltd as one of the 19 companies using the pyramid sales system after complaint were made.

How does Alliance in Motion Global Inc operates?

Apart from recruiting, members can also make money by selling their products, but the products have not been approved by Food and Drug Authority (FDA), so we must be careful and experience shows a similar scheme like Vemma was closed in 2016.

The products seem to be magical and unrealistic since they treat diseases that have no cure and a good example is using their product to cure cancer.

Some of the Alliance in motion products can be sourced from the super market but they’ll convince you that it has magical powers.

Alliance in motion has 4 main categories that you can buy and distribute.

  • NaturaCeuticals
  • Nutritional CosmeCeuticals
  • Nutritional support
  • Functional Beverages

1.Nutritional Support

  • KIDDI 24/7 Nutragammies
  • Restore Lyf
  • Slim & Trim
  • C 24/7 Nature-Ceuticals
  • Choleduz Omega Supreme
  • Complete Phyto-Energizer

2. Nutritional CosmeCeuticals

  • Perfect White
  • White Light

3. Functional Beverages

  • Liven Coffee (Sugar-Free)
  • VIDA Cardio Vascular Drink
  • Alkaline Chocolate Drink
  • Liven Coffee (Cappucino)
  • Liven Coffee (Original)
  • Liven Coffee (Latte)


  • Naturacentials Feminine Wash
  • Naturacentials Masculine Wash
  • Naturacentials Toothpaste
  • Naturacentials Whitening Soap

Example of a Natural Feminine Wash

Alliance in Motion Global Pricing

Alliance in motion is not cheap.

As you are probably aware, they’ve hidden the price. It is not mentioned anywhere on the sales page but I have got that sorted.

The price to join is $265. You will get:

  • Alliance in Motion website(you don’t own it)
  • Start-up sales kit
  • Registration form
  • Video presentation CD
  • Insurance and scholarship certificate

The compensation plan is both complicated and confusing. Unlike some MLM, there are no pass ups.

Alliance in Motion Compensation Plan

The more you recruit the more you make money and it is not as easy to promote an MLM to family and friends as Alliance in Motion and other MLM companies claim.

No need to confuse yourself. Basically the formula is recruit more = make more money.

Is Alliance in Motion a Global Scam?

Alliance in Motion is not a scam and it is a company that has been online since 2005.

You can make money with Alliance in motion but keep in mind it has a success rate of less than 2% there you can fall in the 2% or the remaining 98% who fail miserably.

Alliance in motion and similar MLM companies make you believe that becoming a millionaire is very easy, in reality, you don’t own a business and if alliance in motion closes you will lose everything.

You need to create a solid business and that is where affiliate marketing come in to promote products that you believe in on your site, so .if a company you’re promoting closes, you remain in business no matter what.