Ambaean Welcomes Two Households Under His Roof for Safety from Tc Pam

By G.L Bani


During the course of cyclone PAM from Friday 12th to Saturday the 13th of March 2015, residents of Teouma and Etas had lost most of their belongings but are more than lucky no lives had been lost and are getting back to normal very slowly. Not so many people will do this but Mr. Thomas Gwero, resident of Ex Teouma garden find this particular time, a time of showing mercy and kindness.

In the Ex Teouma garden not much people live there only bushes and gardens and a very few houses situated widely apart including the Ambaean Thomas Gwero.
Close relatives of a Tongoan by the name John Roy who lives along the Etas road had to move with women and children to find shelter down the hills near the Ex Teouma garden. The only concrete and permanent building they could think of was Mr. Gwero’s house. Around 10 pm local time, the John Roy family on their way down the path thought the cyclone would not get any stronger so stopped at another house close by for shelter till the wind dies down.

To their surprise, TC Pam got worst on the early hours of Saturday morning, it blew so hard that ripped off the neighbor’s roof letting the rain to pour in on the roof tops flooding the house.

“We knew we couldn’t stand here till morning, because we had six children and two babies. We had to send a senior family member to go down to Mr. Gwero’s house and see if it was okay to spend the night there. To our delight the good hearted man gave us shelter at his house. We are so grateful for what he did,” said one of John Roy’s family member.

The family had to spend another 3 days at Mr. Gwero’s before moving back, despite being asked by the great man to stay a little while longer if needed to. Mr Gwero had asked the family to stay another whole week if they had to. Mr Gwero had housed two families including one from Tongoa, the John Roy family and another one from Tanna Island. Both families had more than six children in each household.