An interesting turn

Kalomel Sepa is 30 years old and joined the RSE program in 2008 at the age of 20. He is still engaged in the program and his life has taken some interesting turns over the last decade.

He developed a love for photography and purchased camera equipment. Now, his employers use his pictures in advertisements and he has been hired to do professional photography jobs – such as working as the official photographer at the RSE conference in Port Vila in June 2019.

“Currently, photography is a hobby that is generating a new source of income, and by teaching myself I am developing new skills and opportunities. The plan is to keep doing what I do best and, in the future, create a viable and successful business back home ( Vanuatu). For me, the RSE scheme is about new opportunities, using new skills to create a new dream,” says Kalomel.

We managed to turn the tables and capture a photo of Kalomel while he was busy at the RSE conference in Vanuatu.

Source NZHC