An opinion on Vanuatu Rubgy


Drifting away from all the politics, all the fires and all the other topics, I would like to bring up a topic about Vanuatu Rugby! As most of you all know,

I am incredibly mad about my rugby! I love rugby and I have been around this year to watch most of the games played by our young people and I am proud to say we are not short of talented rugby players in Vanuatu. We have a lot of stars in the country who have bright rugby futures ahead of them and can definitely go places (Kunro Kalo for example) but there’s just one major obstacle standing in their way.. And I’m sad to say this but it’s the VANUATU RUGBY FOOTBALL UNION itself!

I mean don’t get me wrong, they’ve done their bit to organize games, tournaments etc but I don’t think it’s enough. I think the only reason we failed so badly (no offense at all) in the SPG is because of poor preparation and time management. These teams that took part in the SPG prepared for this tournament years ago and they made sure when the time comes, they will be ready. Our national team had little preparation time and felt that they were ready enough to take the SPG stage amongst top pacific nations but unfortunately again due to poor preparation, there weren’t ready both mentally and physically.

Right now I heard they are training a squad (Under 20) to head over to Fiji at the end of this month and they’ve only started training for it a couple of weeks ago. I only hope they don’t suffer the same fate as the SPG squad. To top it off, the Under 20 coaches are both from Ifira and they both want all their trainings to be held on Ifira Island. From what I’ve heard, the whole squad training at the moment are from Ifira. Again no offense, but isn’t this team called “Vanuatu Under 20’s” and not Ifira U20s? In my opinion, trainings should be held on one of the fields in Port Vila this way it will be fair to the young talents as well who are based in town, anyone agree? And this U20 squad should have a couple of friendly games against one of the teams to help prepare themselves for the challenge ahead in Fiji.

Just my opinion, hopefully the people at VRFU don’t take this too hard. Take Chiefs Rugby Academy for example, my nephew will be joining them next year. They are doing really well. Recently they just sent over a couple of their young boys on a New Caledonia tour. That is what’s supposed to happen in the VRFU: prepare our players for the big stage and once they’re ready, only then we should expose them to the world. Remember rugby is a team sport, not an individual sport so train our boys to play as a team and not as individuals!

Please VRFU do take what I have just said into consideration and not as offensive in a way. It’s just an opinion from a huge rugby fan who really wants our Vanuatu Rugby to grow! Thanks