Anamburu School now managed by Catholic Mission

The Minister of Education, Jean Pierre Nirua has signed a Memorandum of Understanding – MOU on the 25th October 2018 with Bishop John Bosco Baremes to transfer the management of Anamburu School to the Catholic Mission.

The Agreement is an on-going practice the Government has been engaging in with churches throughout Vanuatu and had previously signed with the Presbyterian Church and the Anglican Church.

The Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu currently manages 8 schools. The Anglican Church manages 12 schools whilst this is the first school to be managed by the Catholic Mission.

The signing of the MOU was witnessed by Archbishop Michel CALVET of New Caledonia, Bishop Ghislain de RASILLY of Wallis & FUTUNA, Archbishop Jean Pierre COTTANCEAU blong PAPEETE of TAHITI and Bishop Pascal CHANG-SOI, Bishop of Marquise Island.

Bishop Michel Calvet say’s “The Catholic Education Authority is providing the education services at Anamburu School on behalf of all denomination and not just for the Catholics”

Minister Nirua says “the management of Anamburu School has changed but the students currently in school there continue normal classes as always”