Manaro Voui Ash fallout observed on the Eastern side for the first time

There are reports of visible tephra fall on the eastern side of the island of Ambae for the first time since the eruptions started firing up Manaro Voui last month displacing 11,000 Ambeans.

Several pictures posted by John Metojoe who is a police officer stationed at Saratamata on the eastern side of the island, reveal ashes of particles smaller than 2 mm (0.08 inches) in diameter is visible on the roof of the building, gutter and water tank.

New Zealand’s official weather forecasts and warnings center have posted a satellite loop of an eruption of Manaro Voui few hours ago that could be linked to the tephra fallout on the eastern side of the island.

According to the image, the explosion rises to a high altitude that affects its fallout.