Australia donates equipment to boost Vanuatu agriculture sector

Australia through its High Commissioner Jenny Da Rin, has donated a tractor and other equipment to Vanuatu agriculture sector, received by Minister of Agriculture this morning at the Independence Park in Port Vila.

Witnessed by Acting Director General of the Ministry, first Political Advisor to the Ministry, Chairman of the Public Service Commission, with aims to boost agriculture production and economic growth, as part of TC Pam recovery.

Australia has a close relationship with Vanuatu and an important economic partner providing the country with the majority of its tourists, foreign direct investment and aid.

It is Vanuatu’s largest bilateral aid donor with the Australian aid budget for Vanuatu is an estimated $69.8 million in 2017-18.

The two Governments recently signed the Vanuatu-Australia Aid Partnership, which focuses on improving economic governance, infrastructure, education, health and law and justice, with a range of partners including the Vanuatu Government, the private sector and community organisations.

The Australian Federal Police provides assistance to the Vanuatu Police Force as part of the Vanuatu Policing and Justice Support Program. Australia also has a Defence Cooperation Program with Vanuatu, which was established in 1983. Australia assists Vanuatu in maintaining and operating its Pacific Patrol Boat (the RVS Tukoro), donated by Australia in 1987.