Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese at the National Prayer Breakfast in Parliament House on Monday.

Australian PM launches ‘Amen: A History of Prayers in the Parliament’

The Australian Prime Minister has launched a publication, titled ‘Amen: A History of Prayers in the Parliament’ during a National Prayer Breakfast.

The Publication was put together PM Glynn Institute and the Australian Catholic University.

In his address during the National Prayer Breakfast, PM Morrison said ‘prayer forms such a part for the people of the world.’

Morrison stated that ‘as the Australian Government is gathered around a prayer breakfast, we will come into the Parliament in both Chambers and we will acknowledge the first Australians, and their custodianship and stewardship of this land over generations, and then we will pray.’

Morrison believes ‘it’s a good way to start the Parliament each and every day and may it always be the case to how we commence our time in Parliament.’ 

PM Morrison says what he likes about prayer and what is so important about us coming together in our Parliament and praying, is prayer gives us a reminder of our humility and our vulnerability, and that forms a unity.’

‘Because there’s certainly one thing we all have in common, whether we sit in the green or red chairs in this place, or anywhere else, and that is our human frailty.’

The Australian PM continued that ‘our human vulnerability is one of the great misconceptions, I think, of religion that there’s something about piety. It is the complete reverse. The complete reverse.’

‘Faith, religion, is actually first and foremost an expression of our human frailty and vulnerability and an understanding that there are things far bigger than each of us.’ says Pm Morrison.

He reminded the Australian Government that ‘when we come together in prayer, we are reminded of that, and we are reminded that the great challenges we face in this world are ones that we need to continue to bring up in prayer.’

Pm Morrison in his address also stressed ‘that is what we do each day as we come together as a Parliament and that’s why I am particularly pleased to launch this publication here today.’

In his closing remarks, the Australian PM reminded ‘each and every one of us, of the importance of understanding our vulnerability as human beings and the need to actually come together in an understanding of that vulnerability’