Bankera – The bank for the blockchain has acquired the Pacific Private Bank

Bankera, one of the most successful ICOs of 2017, has just announced that its co-founders have acquired a bank. This project, which emerged as the fork of SpectroCoin and branded itself as “the bank for the blockchain”, could potentially use this purchase as a shortcut to achieve a critical goal within its roadmap. According to its official blog post, Bankera’s co-founder has acquired the “Pacific Private Bank” which has more twenty years of experience in the industry.

Strengthening Bankera Through a Strategic Acquisition

In the word of the team, this purchase allows the project to further the development of its 3 core pillars: IT infrastructure, licenses and access to capital – which was well under way with its 80 million Euro ICO raise. This acquisition will help Bankera succeed. However, the purchase of an already existing bank, could be seen as a more controversial way of achieving its stated roadmap goals. Nonetheless, the purchase could bring some advantages to the project, its supporters and its future clients. In Bankera’s own words:

“By acquiring the bank, our team has secured a working product with a strong client base. Most importantly, a robust IT infrastructure.

We truly believe that Bankera is in a very good position to become a key player in the banking revolution.”


More Inofrmation on Pacific Private Bank

To assess how much this deal could help Bankera meet its goals, it is important to consider some of the background information about the Pacific Private Bank. Established in 1997 in Vanuatu, Pacific, the Pacific Private Bank has more than twenty years of experience in providing wealth and asset management services across the world. Its emphasis is on personalized private banking solutions. Without knowning what the price tag of this deal is, judging by the funds available to Bankera form the ICO, this bank looks like a good acquisition to accelerate Bankera’s roadmap goals. Vanuatu is a known ta haven that until 2008 operated under strict client information secrecy regarding its banking branch.

What is Bankera?

The platform’s primary vision is to reduce the number of counterparties by integrating cross-border transactions to prevent unnecessary cost for the end customers. Bankera aims to offer banking services, including loans, savings accounts, ETFs and also crypto funds. It has recently released a demo version of its trading platform and IBAN numbers (Internal bank account numbers). Bankera claims to be the largest ICO in relation to its contributors and, with an 80 million Euro raise, it is squarely within the top ten biggest ICOs ever. Its BNK token sale started on November 27th, 2017, supporting multiple currencies such as ETH, Dash, BTC, XEM and also fiat currencies like EUR, GBP, and USD.

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