The debating chamber in Vanuatu's unicameral 52-seat parliament. Photo: www.nigel-roberts.info

Bills for the 2021 Second Ordinary Session

The second ordinary session of the parliament will start tomorrow Thursday 4th November.

There is a total of 22 bills to be debated during the session.

After the president’s guard of honor, Head of State His Excellency Pastor Obed Tallis will be giving his second official address to the parliamentarians and the nation.

Prime Minister will be giving his response followed by the Leader of Opposition Ralph Regenvanu.

The newly elected member of parliament Blaise Sumptoh will also be taking his oath tomorrow morning.

During this session, the 2022 budget under the Appropriation Bill that each minister will table.

Below is the list of the bills which are mostly amendments which the national leaders will debate.

The standing order of the parliament states that every first Thursday of the month of November must have the second ordinary session of the Parliament.

  1. Bill for the Electrical Works Safety Act No. of 2021
  2. Bill for the Statistics  Act No. of 2021
  3. Bill for the Physical Planning (Amendment) Act No. of 2021
  4. Bill for the Foreign Investment (Amendment) Act No. of 2021
  5. Bill for the Import Duties (Consolidation)(Amendment) Act No. of 2021
  6. Bill for the Excise (Amendment) Act No. of 2021
  7. Bill for the Export Duties (Amendment) Act No. of 2021
  8. Bill for the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act No. of 2021
  9. Bill for the Appropriation (2022) Act No. of 2021
  10. Bill for the State Law Office (Amendment) Act No. of 2021
  11. Bill for the Maritime Boundary Negotiations and Ocean Affairs Act No. of 2021
  12. Bill for the Vanuatu National Identity Act. No of 2021
  13. Bill for the Civil Registration and Identity Management Act No. of 2021
  14. Bill for the Maritime (Amendment) Act No. of 2021
  15. Bill for the Shipping (Amendment) Act No. of 2021
  16. Bill for the Maritime Sector Regulatory (Amendment) Act No. of 2021
  17. Bill for the Telecommunications, Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulation (Amendment) Act No. of 2021
  18. Bill for the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (Amendment) Act No. of 2021
  19. Bill for the Industrial Hemp and Medical Cannabis Act No. of 2021
  20. Bill for the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act No. of 2021
  21. Bill for the Municipalities (Amendment) Act No of 2021
  22. Bill for the Supplementary Appropriation (2021) Act No. of 2021