Bishop Ligo: All Anglican Church properties will be used to house people

The Anglican Diocese Bishop, James Ligo says “with the current declaration by the Vanuatu Government for a state of emergency for the whole island of Ambae and mass evacuation, he has declared all church properties in Luganville Santo and SANMA Province available to be used by the population of SPC/TORGIL/TUMSISIRO/and others depending on how the central and local authorities decide in relation to evacuation island centres.”

The NDMO has been informed of the decision along with members of the SANMA Provincial Technical Advisory Group.

Mr Ligo says “Parish priests in Luganville have all been informed of the decision in relation to parish church halls and church buildings if number goes up.”

“For ACOM it is very vital at this time to stand by our government as a partner not only in good times but also in uncertainty.” Says Ligo