Black Butterfly is the first single from Tio’s debut album ‘Sorousian’

‘Black Butterfly’ is the first single from Tio’s debut album ‘Sorousian’, due out late 2020.

Sorousian is West Ambrym dialect for talking or stories more in the context of telling a story about life, history, and stories with traditional and cultural values.

Tio Bang can be seen in the video on siting on top of the Ambrym volcano looking deep inside.

The song is inspired by city life and Tio’s belief that people should live and work more truthfully. The song asks the audience to rethink their lifestyle’s relationship with nature.

“The black butterfly is flying, much like our dreams. Many people living in the city dream of a simple life or want to be happy, but the reality is that most are just working to earn money and don’t think about the impact of their work; sometimes we destroy without care for Mother Earth. They’re not actually taking the step to live more in harmony with nature. We know that nature is the source of life – without it, we wouldn’t be alive”.

End of the song you can hear Tio talking in Ambrym Island dialect, where his roots are.


VIDEO CREDITS: Cinematography – Sarah Doyle Film production – Simmer Town Video Editor – Mikiyas Alemu (Bizz)

SONG CREDITS: Tio Bang – vocals, guitar, bass, ukulele, percussion Hope Csutoros – violin Written by Tio Bang Recorded and mixed by Andrew Robinson at Haus Bilas, Thornbury Produced by David Bridie and Andrew Robinson Mastered by Naomune Anzai Released by Wantok Musik.