Bogiri is Running for 2020 Election

A prominent public servant and a chief, George Bogiri is running for 2020 election on Pentecost Island and constituency.

A meeting which was held this week at Atavtabanga Village in north Pentecost witnessed the launching of a new proposed Independent Candidate who has in the past held a number of key positions in the government.

Mr. Bogiri resigned as Director General of Internal Affairs in 2015 and according to the Post, he is one of the longest serving most senior public servants who has served in many senior public posts since the year 1998.

He has a degree from the University of Papua New Guinea, major in Human Geography.

He served as Director General in the Internal Affairs Ministry from 2009- 2015, 7 years inclusive. Prior to this, Bogiri, once served as the First Political Secretary to the then Prime Minister Ham Lini from 2004-2008. Then as First Political Secretary to the then Deputy Prime Minister Ham Lini, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He also held a political post as First Political Secretary to other former state ministers in the Vanuatu Government. In 2002 Bogiri, was the Secretary to then Leader of the Opposition Willie Jimmy and held various other government senior top posts.

In 1996-1997, Bogiri held the position of Principal of Lini Memorial College then took up the post of Tutor in Geography at Emalus Campus from 1996 -1997. From 2000 to 2002, Bogiri held the position of Training Coordinator with the National Chamber of Commerce.