Boxer’s Training Is “Outstanding” Says Assistant Coach

A few words from Shem Nako, the Assistant Coach for the boxers who are training in Hunan Province, China.
Mr. Shem commented that when they arrived in China the weather was their biggest challenge, “when we arrived here the boys were not used to the weather, and they got tired really fast, it took them almost a month to adapt.”
Mr. Shem said that they are well looked after and that their accommodation and food and are “very good”, and that the training here is “very professional with good training facilities, and the boys are training everyday.”

Minister Seule poses for photo with the Chinese Coach who coaching the Vanuatu Boxers.
“The boy’s training is very outstanding. In the future these boxers can become coaches, when they return to their islands and provinces they are capable to coach because of the type of training that they are receiving here” said Mr. Shem.
There are 22 Vanuatu Boxers who are currently undergoing training in China, they accompanied by the their Assistant Coach Mr. Shem Nako and the Team Manager Mr. Jacob Namariau.