Boyer: Two eruptive mouths on Manaro Voui

Thomas Boyer, a volcanologist has told YTSNews there are two eruptive vents visible on Manaro Voui.

After a flyover on Manaro on Tuesday the 25th of September 2017, Mr Boyer says the conditions of the lakes remain the same since the eruptions.

Mr. Boyer also took pictures which he submitted to YTSNews and says Manaro is similar now to Yasur Volcano.

In July 2013, Thomas Boyer discovered a new small lava lake in the northern secondary crater of Benbow.

Mr Boyer is part of “House of the volcanoes” who are volcanologist organization who make known the volcanoes of Vanuatu and they are based in Port-Vila, the capital of Vanuatu.

“House of the volcanoes” transmit the current knowledge in volcanology and to promote the Earth sciences by making them accessible to all.

Boyer supplied the first images of Manaro Volcano after it erupted which showed two vents active inside manaro Voui.

The New Zealand Defence Force have an Airforce Orion P3K that is flying back to New Zealand today from completing an separate patrol in the Pacific.

TheOrion P3K is expected around midday and have offered to take some high resolution imagery of the Ambae and Ambrym Volcanoes.

P3K’s are a specialist surveillance aircraft and will be able to provide Geohazards and NDMO with high resolution images of the volcanoes.