“Breach of Contract” lands VAN2017 in a lawsuit

Indigenous Media Vanuatu – IMV, who own and operate various online sites including Yumi Toktok Stret have filed a law suit against VAN2017 for ‘breaching’ three (3) parts of a IMV / VAN2017 contract.

IMV say “It is clear VAN2017 terminated our contract following policies that were not part of the signed contract”

IMV say they will prove in court that VAN2017 CEO Clint Flood, terminated the signed contract without notice.

IMV say even though the age of technology is ripe in Vanuatu, they did not receive any emails, any letter, nor any phone calls or verbal advice by VAN2017 as directed by the termination clauses in the signed contract”

IMV are suing VAN2017 on ‘breaches’ of contract and say anything outside the signed contract is irrelevant.

Julian Ligo from IMV said “VAN2017 had options to terminate, but obviously thought little of. To me, this must be taken to court and we feel VAN2017 lack of consideration to a signed agreement does say a lot about the people who manage VAN2017.”

Ligo continuous that “We will instruct our lawyers to summon VAN2017 sponsors and individuals who were instrumental in having our contract terminated to attend court, and we do know who to summon”

It is understood another ‘loss of business’ lawsuit against VAN2017 is also in process.

Julian Ligo says ‘I do know VAN2017 cares a lot about its millions in sponsorship but this time we will ensure, Justice takes it’s course and we will also file another lawsuit for loss of business”

Mr. Ligo says “We have enough evidence to prove that certain individuals and business collaborated against IMV and we will ensure they get their time in the witness box”

Three (3) months away from the opening, this is the worst scenario ever for VAN2017.