SPREP established this fund in 2013, to honor the life and work of Lui Bell and his commitment to the conservation of marine species in the Pacific.

They are resending the Lui Bell scholarship call below.


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Who is Lui Bell?

Mr. Bell was the Marine Species Adviser at SPREP when he passed away in 2012.

The scholarship is to honour the contributions to and sacrifice he made for marine conservation.

Releasing the first ever satellite tagged loggerhead for Fiji. Photo/SPREP

Mr. Bell was a “deeply committed conservationist” and spent over two decades as the driving force behind SPREP’s Turtle Action Plans and the Turtle Research and Monitoring Database.

His leadership also resulted in the introduction of the Convention on Migratory Species and the negotiation of a Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Pacific Islands, which has 15 SPREP members as signatories.

A tribute to Lui Bell. A Pacific Champion in marine species conservation. Video/SPREP

The Convention on Migratory Species is an intergovernmental treaty concerned with the conservation of wildlife and habitats on a global scale. Cook Islands, Fiji, Palau and Samoa are signatories to this convention.

The Conservation of Cetaceans is an international framework for coordinated conservation efforts which focus on whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Source: SPREP