CEO Thelma Tapasei

Capital Insurance Group Acquire’s Dominion Insurance Ltd

CEO Thelma Tapasei
CEO Thelma Tapasei

Capital Insurance Group, one of Papua New Guinea’s leading insurance entities has acquired a long established and well regarded Fiji insurer Dominion Insurance Ltd.

Capital Insurance Group History Capital Insurance Group commenced operations as a Life Insurer in Papua New Guinea in 1993.

In the last five years have seen the entry of 4 significant PNG non-bank financial Institutions as shareholders, namely: Teachers Savings & Loans Society Ltd (TISA), Nambawan Super Ltd, Credit Corporation (PNG) Ltd, The National Superannuation Fund (NASFUND).

In 2014 opened Capital Insurance (SI) Ltd in Solomon Islands. All Operating entities hold at least double the required Minimum Capital Ratio. PNG Group GWP circa PGK40million has become the largest PNG Life Insurer.

It is the fifth Largest PNG General Insurer which is strongly profitable.

Dominion Insurance is a locally incorporated company and was established in January 1988. The company is well established within Fiji Market, Tonga & Vanuatu offering general insurance, Medical and Term Life products within the country.

Dominion Insurance Ltd has grown over the last 27 years to have some 12% of the Fiji market as well as significant operations in Vanuatu and Tonga together with an agency presence in Nauru.

Dominion Insurance specialises in, Group Term Life & Personal Accident, Medical Policy, Workers Compensation, (the “People Suite”), Motor Vehicle & Compulsory Third Party Contractors Plant & Machinery, Liability, Fire, House owners & Householders, Marine.

Dominion Insurance initiatives for Growth
Strengthen include Relationships with Brokers Group Support , Ability to provide a wider scope of cover with more benefit through Capital Insurance Group. More involvement in claims Assessing and Claim Process & Guarantee.

Under the new Dominion; “We will provide quality insurance to our customers at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must but we will provide quality insurance to our Customers”

Dominin Insurance Ltd is managed by Thelma Tapasei and has a very young dedicated team. Dominion Insurance is located in Port Vila, on the first floor of the ex Snoopy Shop.