CCECC: Incorrect Statement by Media on ‘aggregate’

The CCECC company currently doing work in Vanuatu has written to the Director of Bio-Security Timothy Tumukon, expressing disappointment over media statements printed on Daily Post Newspaper on the 16th of August 2017, that CCECC never contacted the Vanuatu Government regarding the importation of aggregate in Vanuatu.

CCECC Acting General Manager, Liang Qing, has expressed disappointment to the news which Daily Post printed for five (5) conservative days without contacting CCECC for their side of the story.

CCECC Acting General Manager, Liang Qing
CCECC Acting General Manager, Liang Qing

Mr. Qing wrote to Tumukon stating, “we commenced communication with your office on the 9th of June 2017, during which we were advised that Foot and Mouth disease maybe contained within any aggregate or soil product from China and that there are certain prohibitions that guide this which you have been made clear to us by.”

“At that time communication was established between CCECC and your office, the ship was still in China”

“Upon advise from your office, we confirmed with our suppliers and the Cine Entry-Inspection and Quarantine that it is treated accordingly to eliminated any living mechanism”

“Since we need to have ballast on the vessel transporting our equipment, we decided to use aggregate, a perfect material for ballast and we would again try to get it approved”, says Qing

Qing also pointed out that ‘we again approached your office for possible clearance and acceptance considering the aggregate was treated and we had all relevant documents plus videos and images that it was treated and we also had the certificate of clearance from Chinese Authorities.’

During the discussion CCECC also received advise from Ian Peebles, Principle Veterinary Officer at Bio-Security Vanuatu on the matter and the risk involved and also provided CCECC the Animal Importation and Quarantine Act.

Mr. Qing also says ‘CCECC offered to take up top specialist from OEI (The World Organization for  Animal Health) to do their own independent test but all our suggestions were rejected’

“CCECC is fully aware of safe guarding the cattle and pork Industry in Vanuatu and we have taken all the necessary steps scientifically to prove that there is no trace of the disease on the aggregate nor the vessel”, continued Qing.

Mr Qing pointed out that the Media went on a rampage against CCECC not knowing that CCECC had made all relevant communications with your office.

In the letter to Tumukon, Qing also attached emails of correspondence between the two offices.

Qing says, “it saddens me after reading your comments on the paper that the aggregates are untreated and that never approached you (or your department) to obtain an import permit. Hence. I took the liberty of attaching herewith the copy of our correspondence as proof.”

CCECC is skeptical of the motives behind this move and also the instructions that CCECC should source from only one country.

Qing concluded saying, “nevertheless, it doesn’t matter which country the aggregate is imported from, CCECC company will always abide by the laws of Vanuatu and will respect the relevant authorities and no matter the challenges awaiting us, we assure the people of Vanuatu that we will deliver the best possible project for them.”