Charley to compete alongside World Marathon record holder Melaku Belachew

Simon Charley has less than 48 hours left before he gets on that 42km run on Sunday, 21 January 2018.

Amongst 74,000 runners from all over the world, the 19 year old, from Vanuatu is the only runner from the Oceania region competing in this world-class event.

Vanuatu’s treble Gold medalist at the VAN2017 will be competing against the world record holder, Ethiopia’s Melaku Belachew with a timing of 2:10:31.

Simon is really looking forward to getting on the road on Sunday as he has been told by the organizers that this is the beginning of many more opportunities yet to come for Vanuatu.

During the press conference and technical meeting this afternoon, The Hong Kong Minister of Youth and Sport mentioned how he was inspired to learn that Vanuatu is interested in Marathon by fielding in a runner for the first time and he looks forward to seeing how they can support Athletics in Vanuatu in the upcoming days.

The famous NIKE has confirmed their sponsorship for Simon which includes all sporting gears and personal support. Furthermore, the office of the Consular Services here in Hong Kong has confirmed Simon’s meeting with the Prime Minister and Vanuatu’s Ambassador to China tomorrow 12 noon.

With all the support and FB messages, Simon is really motivated and is looking forward to making Vanuatu smile and known to the world.

All athletes finishing the race receives an amount of 2,500 USD. So we continue to ask for your prayers and support as Simon prepares for the final countdown.