Charley leads Vanuatu into World Marathon

Amongst the 28 Elite Gold Runners was Vanuatu’s Golden boy who survived the raging but fun 42.195 KM run early this morning in Hong Kong.

Not only did Charley finish the race with a timing of 3:15:39, placing him in an elite class amongst the 74,000 athletes but he has also placed ‘Vanuatu’ into international Marathon Competition which in itself is an achievement for Athletics in Vanuatu.

As the 18 year old Golden boy completed the run, Hong Kong started buzzing about the Volcanoe and beautiful Vanuatu.

Charley is sponsored by the famous NIKE, who along with the organisers are very pleased to see the young first timer runner make it to this position.

Simon Charley will also be receiving 2,500.00 USD cash prize this evening at the closing ball.

This historical moment places Simon and Vanuatu in a very top position in the world of marathon and Long distance running which obviously opens more doors for Vanuatu.

“I thank my coaches, the organizers, the people of Vanuatu and my family at Lapangtawa for believing in me” says Charley, “and I am humbled and blessed to be representing you all here and I know it is through your prayers and faith in me that got me here.”

The runner will be arriving in Vanuatu from Nadi Fiji on Wednesday, 24 January 2018 and Athletics Vanuatu invite’s everyone to be at the airport to give him a hero’s welcome as a support and motivation for this rising star.

Charley’s victory this morning has secured his place in more races around the globe in the upcoming days.