Civil Servants took to Social Media to vent their feelings about cancellation of PSC Day

Vanuatu’s inaugural Public Service Day (PSD), initially scheduled to be commemorated over two days, starting today has been postponed.

Many civil servants took to social media to vent their feelings about the short notice of the cancellation after 5pm on Wednesday, saying is a blow after tireless efforts put in the preparations.

A statement from Public Service Commission states, “The program had to be adjourned because of the unavailability of senior Government officials today, as they had other commitments.”

“There is inadequate time for them to adjust their schedules thus the office of the Chairman of the PSC requested for a deferral to another date, which will be announced shortly.”

“The PSC has committed itself to making the country’s first ever PSD happen as planned.”

“As such, the Office of the Chairman of the PSC will be consulting with government leaders to finalise another date on which they will be available and can participate in the program, because their involvement is important.”

A post on social media also raises concern on several businesses who have donated towards the PSD program which includes: TVL, CCECC, Azure Pure Water, Vanuatu Beverage.

PSD is intended to feature forums for civil servants to share and exchange ideas and also reward them with awards for outstanding service.