Climate Change Affecting Our Lives

Emau Island has seen first hand the effects of sea erosion and is asking for assistance and support from the Government. The situation has escalated to three homes being destroyed due to the fast sea level rise.

The villages of Wiaam and Marou on the southeren part of Emau have witnessed first hand the effects of sea erosion and villagers have been relocated to higher grounds.

Yumi toktok stret Newspaper caught up with an Emau leader, Elder Harry Gorge of Marou village, who currently reside’s in Port Vila.
Elder George told YTS News that 3 homes inside the two village’s were destroyed.

“Within 2-3 years the island will be badly affected, so its time for local authorities to take some action to slow down the depletion of the coastline, it will not only destroy the coastline but effect the livelihood of the people of Emai island as they depend mainly on cash crops like coconut and other cash crops which grow near the coastline.” said elder George.

He continued that places that were affected a lot were at the points or end of the island where tides would meet up as waves. One of the most affected area is Marou point, where erosion has completely destroyedou the vegetation. “it is likely that by the following years , sea will continue to dig up the island and with the type of soil we have and formations of trees around the Island I do not think the Island can naturally defend itself”

When asked if there is any support or assistance from the government, Elder George responded ‘I think it is us in the Islands who need to communicate with the authorities as this is not a man made situation, it is natural and we do not have control over natural issue’s but I think our Government do know what to do, but its just a matter of communications between local authorities.