The 11th Vaturisu Conference has established a working committee mandated specifically to write down the ‘rules of custom’ for Efate.

Committee members consist of, Ian Dapang (rep Vatkorpau Council of Chiefs – South Efate), John Dean Karis (rep Silotolu Council of Chiefs – East Efate), Timo Kalnangis (rep Farea Lovetti Council of Chiefs West Efate), Marksau Sepa (rep Emau Council of Chiefs – Emau),┬áMichael Manlaetoa (rep Maraki Navata – North Efate) and Levi Tarosa (rep NAPE Council of Chiefs – Nguna/Pele.)

Majority of Efate rural feel the Government laws do not work in favor of land owners.

A lot of Efate schooled minds do point out that the “Malvatumauri’s 19 resolution is not legislative, agreed through legislative process therefore it is not a legal instrument in which by law we should comply to”.

If true, this statement alone will become the biggest loophole in land dealings, especially with disputes throughout Vanuatu.