Costa Atlantica bringing tourist from China to Vanuatu

Imagine if Botticelli, the 15th-century Italian painter, and Joe Farcus, Carnival Cruise Line’s bold 20th-century interior architect and designer, collaborated on creating a 21st-century ship. The result would very likely be a dead ringer for the Costa Atlantica.

The minute you walk into Atlantica’s soaring 10-deck atrium, with its eye-popping colors and glass elevators fringed with flashing lights rocketing up and down, it’s hard not to see the hand of the designer who never met a primary hue or DayGlo color he didn’t like. But on the other side of the equation, this high-energy atmosphere is diluted and softened with the classics: Carrara marble and Byzantine mosaics — elements of Italy’s classical Roman, Baroque, and Renaissance eras — with Murano glass counterpoints, all tied together with the signature of an artist whose work is emblematic of post-World War II Italy, filmmaker Federico Fellini. Each of Atlantica’s decks is named for one of his films: Deck 2 is La Dolce Vita Deck; Deck 3 is named La Strada, and so on.

In addition to the soaring main atrium, there are mini “atria” extending two decks, sprinkled throughout the ship. Many public rooms cluster around these hubs, dubbed “piazzas.” They give the ship’s public areas a bright and open feel. Another primary design element is the use of winding or sweeping stairways, linking two decks. In addition to the typical uses for grand entrances to the restaurant or lobby, there are graceful sweeping stairways skirting the secondary atria, and a tightly spiraled staircase descending into the depths of the appropriately named Dante’s Disco. But the most dramatic of all these stairways curves around the perimeter of the upper two levels of the central atrium. It is fashioned completely of glass, and a glance down the yawning chasm between your feet approximates the sense of peering over the edge of a 10-story building.

Costa describes its product as “Cruising Italian Style,” which means it is a combination of a bit of Old World culture infused with the energetic, demonstrative, welcoming warmth that is the essence of the Italians. If first-time Costa passengers from the States expect a majority of stuffy Europeans barely tolerating the upstart New World minority, one glance at the interior style will end that myth. Gone are the days of public address announcements in five languages, the last of which was invariably English. Nowadays only two languages are used, Italian and English. During the Caribbean season, English takes precedence over Italian, with the order reversed during the summer season abroad.

Costa Atlantica arrived in Port Vila on the 12th of December 2016 with over 2000 Chinese tourist. The vessel was visited and welcomed by the Vanuatu Government. This is its first stop in Vanuatu.

The Vanuatu Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai, the Minister for Youth & Sports, Minister for Public Utilities Hon. Jotham NAPAT, Hon. Andrew NAPUAT (Tanna), Hon. Marcellino Barthelemy  Hon. Jacob MATA (Ambae), Hon Raso Johnny Koanapo (Tanna) and many other MPs all joined the Deputy Prime minister and Minister for Tourism Hon. Joe NATUMAN and His Excellency LIU QUAN, Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu, to welcome the first ever Chinese cruise ship of more than 2,000 Chinese tourists to Port-Vila.