Councilor Kalmasei Releases Salary, Spending Report

His poster report shows that in 2013 the Councillor approved an amount of 126,053 vatu from the Area Council Fund and spent an additional 181,399 vatu from his own salary on community requests, making a total of 307,452 vatu spent that year. Councillor Kalmasei’s poster report is the first to be produced by a GJP (Graon mo Jastis Pati) Councillor, following a party policy that all the party’s Members of Parliament have to produce a poster showing the spending of their annual allocation. The four GJP MP’s elected in the last general election – Ralph Regenvanu (Port Vila), Alfred Maoh (Santo), Daniel Nalet (Malekula) and Gillion William (Efate) – have all already produced their allocation spending posters for 2013, which have been widely distributed throughout their constituencies. MP Ralph Regenvanu has put out posters showing all his allocation spending each year since he was first elected in 2008. At the last annual GJP Elected Officials Meeting in Port Vila in November 2014, it was decided that all councillors elected on the GJP ticket would also endeavour to produce poster reports showing the money that they have spent or facilitated payment of in their constituencies. With the production of his report, Councillor Willie Ben Kalmasei becomes the first GJP Councillor to achieve this.

Pres Rilis

Kaonsela Willie Ben Kalmasei i putumaot posta blong spending blong hem
Kaonsela blong Shefa Provins, Willie Ben Kalmasei, hemi fes kaonsela blong GJP we hemi putumaot wan posta blong talemaot hamas mane hemi spendem long Eria Kaonsel Fand mo tu long salari blong hem wan blong mitim ol nid mo rikwes blong ol komuniti long konstituensi blong hem long Efate. Posta blong hem i soem se long 2013 Kaonsela hemi bin apruvum 126,053 vatu aot long Eria Kaonsel Fand mo tu 181,399 vatu aot long salary blong hem wan blong go long ol komuniti rikwes, mekem wan totel amaon blong 307,452 vatu we hemi spendem long 2013. Posta blong Kaonsela Kalmasei hemi feswan we wan GJP (Graon mo Jastis Pati) kaonsela i mekem, folem wan polisi blong pati se evri MP blong pati oli mas putumaot wan posta we i soemaot spending blong alokesen blong olgeta. Olgeta 4 MP blong GJP we oli elektem olgeta long las general eleksen long 2012 – Ralph Regenvanu (Port Vila), Alfred Maoh (Santo), Daniel Nalet (Malekula) mo Gillion William (Efate) – oli putumaot finis ol alokesen spending posta blong olgeta blong 2013 mo oli sherem long ol defren komuniti insaed blong ol konstituensi blong olgeta. MP Ralph Regenvanu hemi bin putumaot ol posta we i soemaot spending blong alokesen blong hem evri yia stat long taem we hemi kam wan MP long 2008. Long las GJP Elekted Ofisel Miting long Port Vila long Novemba 2014, i bin gat wan resolusen se evri kaonsela we oli elekted long GJP oli mas traem blong putumaot ol posta we i soemaot mane we oli spendem o sherem long konstituensi blong olgeta. Naoia wetem posta blong hem, Kaonsela Willie Ben Kalmasei hemi kam fes GJP kaonsela blong save ajivim resolusen ia.