COURT: Leadership Code process fulfilled

In today’s Court conference on the continuing bribery case against 16 Members of Parliament, Justice Sey ruled that the leadership code process has been fulfilled in the public prosecutors case and that the leadership code is coherent to the penal code.

Plea’s will be heard on the 2nd of September 2015 and the trial will commence right after, there is wide spread attention being brought on the case as it develops. Though the case ‘content’ is not yet being scrutinized, the defense lawyers have tried to justify the technical aspects to the leadership code process saying “process and procedures were not properly followed.” Despite the arguments from the defense, the judge after examining the process and procedure ruled that the prosecutor did fulfill all technical aspects.

With the ruling it also is clear that the Leadership Code has a strong presence in the case despite what the defense team is saying. With today’s ruling, the leadership Code now presents possible outcomes for the case as it will weigh heavily with the penal code prosecutions.

The penal code can allow anyone to be guilty and also allows them to pay a fine and walk free, but would it allow the MP’s to keep their seats in parliament is a question everyone will want an answer to.

With the leadership code process fulfilled it will be an interesting trial on September 2 2015 as it is turning into a similar case Vanuatu witnessed with Barack Sope and he was jailed for breaching the leadership code and also found guilty under the penal code.

Despite opinions and views, Vanuatu waits to witness it’s biggest trial in History and waits to see what justice will say on the matter.