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COVID-19: Ata shared his view of how to save public fund

Palen Ata shared his personal view on Social Media on what the government can do to save funds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Ata a former planner for Malampa Provincial Government proposed 6 areas the government need to consider under the public funds spending.

Firstly he proposed that the government must reduce or stop political posts where political appointees could be anyone residing in the village get paid like all the civil servant.

“Every payday you see them queuing at the bank like everybody else”, he posted on YTS forum.

He also urged the government to stop or reduce big groups travelling to attend meetings, workshops or a government program where it will incur losses from transport costs and allowances.

“We must stop unnecessary functions and entertainment after an event, a meeting or workshop when public funds are used”.

“Stop the acting allowances and existing employee should take up shared responsibilities for the remaining 5 months of 2020 to save funds”.

“We must advertise and recruit only urgent and priority positions in the government workforce”.

And Mr. Ata concluded with maximising use of Information Communication Technology to deliver services in an effective and efficient way.