Criminal Complaint filed to Ombudsman against Regenvanu

A former Director-General in various Ministries in the Public Service, Joe Ligo, has filed to the Ombudsman of Vanuatu, a Criminal Complaint against current Foreign Affairs Minister, and MP for Port Vila, Ralph Regenevanu.

Mr Ligo has filed the Criminal Complaint according to Part 5, Section 34 (1) (a) and section 34 (2) and section 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, and 39, of the Leadership Code.

The complaint is prepared as required by the Criminal Procedure Code Act CAP 136 and has set out statements of Offences Complained as directed and required by the Criminal Procedure Code Act CAP 136.

The Criminal Complaint sets forth that Regenvanu in his capacity as the then Minister of Lands and Natural resources issued instructions to take away twelve (12) leases which were lawfully registered.

The Criminal Complaint also sheds light to intentions to Forfeit and Cancel the said leases so that the Government can take away the leases without the knowledge or consent of the Landowners.

Ligo says in his “humble opinion there is a breach of the Leadership Code and the Ombudsman should forward their findings and recommendations to the Hon Prime Minister, the Public Prosecutor, and the Commissioner of Police for Prosecution within the timeframes provided for by the Leadership Code.”

Copies of the Criminal Complaint were also delivered to the Speaker of Parliament, the Prime Ministers Office, the Office of the Opposition, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and to the Vanuatu Police Commissioner Office.