Critical, beautiful and a Gold

The Vanuatu Women’s soccer team faced a lot of criticism during their training in China. Critical of the behavior, the public went hard on them and questioned their ability to win a match at the VAN2017 Mini Games.

Yumi Toktok Stret was host to a lot of critics who felt the Vanuatu Women’s Soccer team attitude was not heading in the right directions.

The Vanuatu women’s team came into the tournament without an announcement of an intention to win, however, their attitude and flair on the field proved they are the best team in the Pacific Mini Games 2017.

With style, they turned the tournament into their very own, displaying skills and style never before seen in Vanuatu Women’s football.

Beautifully crafted by their Chinese Coach, a relationship between China and Vanuatu that is now sealed as fruitful, the women’s team went out not to prove a point, but to win a Gold which they did in true football spirit in the final match.

The Vanuatu midfield continued to impress both coaches and crowd from left, center, and right and was the engine that never stopped harassing defenders throughout the whole 90 minutes of the final match and was the scorers that put Vanuatu into the books for Gold.

The defense is fast, solid and won possession throughout the game and was instrumental in disturbing Fiji playmakers all throughout the game and had a steady hand in the keeper with perfect judgment, who stopped a lot of shots to ensure they walked away victorious.

The strikers never stopped roaming the opposition’s end of the field till the final whistle.

They played their best and came out the best and despite the many cries of women issues in Vanuatu, this team proved, women can become the best if they work hard and work as a team.

Thier win is an example of being united to achieve and will be a lesson to all women organizations in Vanuatu.

A historical moment, one that will always be remembered, cherished and will always be the shining moment with two mesmerizing goals that shock the little nation of Vanuatu, uniting them in a golden.

Spirited in true sportsmanship, critical by their very own people, beautiful as all women are, and a Gold that shines through the hearts of all in Vanuatu who now smile as another Gold is added by the Golden ladies of Vanuatu.

If ever there was a Vanuatu Women’s team that will be remembered, it will be the Vanuatu Women’s Soccer Team in the VAN2017 Mini Games.

Congratulations Vanuatu Women’s Football, your victory has indeed captured the hearts of your people.