Crown of Thorns Destroying Our Port Vila Harbour, Bakokoto.

Ifira Island native, Walter Bakokoto has raised concern over the Crown of Thorns that are destroying the reefs on Efate and especially Port Vila Harbour. 

Bakokoto said he is trying to convince the Government and everyone to help assist him with the issue of Crown of Thorns.

Walter comes from Ifira Island and wants to start a program to eradicate the Crown of Thorns around Port Vila.

“It is poisonous and it is destroying our reefs”. 

Bakokoto is organizing some boys to help him dive around the harbor but needs the support of everyone. 

“We want to start inside Fatumaru Bay and Malapoa to Iririki and Ifira Island to Blacksand and Eratap.” 

Fatumaru has a lot of the Crown of Thorns and this is dangerous for the people who are swimming around the area.

“The only predator is the Triton Shell, but around Port Vila, you can’t find them anymore because people are removing them to sell them, “Bakokoto said.

Vanuatu Fisheries Department Research Section has advised that it is much cheaper for the communities to come together and dive to collect the crown of thorns using spears or any long wire that can be used to poke and pick up the crown of thorns.

Once inside the bags, carry them to the nearest coast and place them out in the open sun for a couple of hours and then bury them, to destroy them.

When harvesting divers must take into consideration that if a limb of a Crown of Thorn is broken, it can multiply into 10 more crown of thorns, just from a single limb.

The Research Section advised that there is another way to get rid of the infestation, and that is using an injection can. A method developed only in Vanuatu, using lime water or vinegar.

The only setback is the injection can is worth well over a Vt100,000 for a single can.

Bakokoto urges anyone who is interested to support his cause, to call him on 7361431.